A quick note

(it includes time sensitive stuff)

Stop licking your lips.

If your lips are cracked and dry, keep them greasy with Vaseline (or whichever petrolatum product) at all times. If your lips are mostly okay but borderline, keep them greasy with Vaseline every minute that you’re not wearing lipstick. Do not use lip scrubs. And stop licking your lips.

In case you don’t follow me on social media, today and today only (so just like 12 hours left!) Wishtrend is doing a BUY ONE GET ONE on my all-time favorite sunscreen. Go here, put it in your cart. There is no code to use - just make sure the drop-down box says 1+1 Soft Airy UV Essence. (It’s confusing, so I emailed them to get clarification - if you buy one of these 1+1 items, they will send you two.) Shipping is $8, unless you buy $60 worth of stuff - which is definitely easy to do as they sell many great products that are also on good sale, like the Klairs Rich Soothing Cream and I’m From Rice Toner and more, but I’m not trying to tempt you into excessive consumerism, this is just an FYI! Anyway even adding in shipping, it’s still less than I’ve ever paid for this beloved sunscreen, which is also a great moisturizer. So now you know.

Also, because I always mean to tell you this but it’s not likely to fit with any newsletter theme: fish oil supplements are probably responsible for some of my skin health. Omega 3’s are this amazing anti-inflammatory, for one thing, and though I don’t take it for my skin I have no doubt that it’s a nice side benefit. I take them for joint health, and to stave off heart disease/hardened arteries and whatnot, so the maybe-improved hair/skin/nails thing is truly trivial in comparison but someone asked me if I take any skincare supplements and I guess this qualifies in a roundabout way.

The other important reason to tell you this is because most of you are fellow uterus owners and you need to know that taking fish oil every day stopped my hellacious, epic menstrual cramps and basically changed my life. I do not say this lightly. Life-changing. I used to live on Advil for 3 days of every month, and now I don’t even know if I have any Advil in the house, okay, this is why I’m a little evangelical. I take the recommended daily dose of this - always before eating or else fish burps might break through, which is one of the top 3 grossest things to ever happen in my mouth. The fact that I would even court that danger tells you how important the effect of this stuff is to me.

Okay, that’s it: Stop licking your lips, FYI on the sunscreen sale, and fish oil is miraculous.

Please moisturize your hands EVERY TIME after washing them, and then slather them up good before falling asleep at night. We’ll get through this winter together, I swear.

Tschuss for now,