Answering your questions

Okay, so a few of you posted Q’s on the open thread and I’ve been a bit busy so couldn’t answer as they popped up. But since they are relevant to everyone, for the most part, I figured I’d just do this here little Q&A. Incidentally about the open thread: If you (like me) get really annoyed at an email popping into your inbox every time someone comments on a thread - please be aware that you can click on “Mute This Thread” in any of the comment emails that come to you. (I get annoyed NOT because I mind people talking to me, but because I have a real mental problem with Unread Message counters/indicators, they make me insane, it’s a long story and an absurd fixation but it’s mine. I just mute the thread but keep the original email in my inbox so it reminds me to go back and look at the thread, but anyway that’s me and my issues, MOVING ON.) Also you can always email if you have technical problems, because they will be more help than me for sure. Okay, end of housekeeping, on to the Q&A!

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