How's your skin?

Look, I have a severe case of covidbrain, a condition characterized by

  1. an inability to grasp the concept of time,

  2. a generalized fear of the air we breathe, and

  3. a mind completely devoid of interesting or creative thoughts.

As a result, I find myself wanting to talk about skin-stuff but my brain refuses to serve up anything of use as a topic for a newsletter. (It’s very much like when I go to the grocery store and completely forget what I eat. It’s incredibly dumb and frustrating.) But! I still want to hear about skin care stuff!

An interrogation of the blank wall of my mind gives me only this: “Ummm, I want to know how everyone’s skin is doing, that’s all.” So please. Please. Tell me how your skin is? Have you implemented a new process or product? How did it turn out? Are you glowing? Are you…I dunno, not glowing? HELP, I CAN’T EVEN REMEMBER HOW ELSE TO DESCRIBE SKIN.

Of course I want to know if I gave advice and it turned out great. Or terrible, even! But it seriously doesn’t need to have anything to do with me, I just want some skintalk in my life, thanks. Bless you all in advance.